How to connect MakeBlock Me High Power Motor Driver with Arduino


Hello everyone,

We are doing autonomous driving car field of agriculture. We have encoded dc motors to get spped and movement data from encoder.So we bought Mkaeblock encoder motor driver to drive motors but we could not find any information how to connect these pins with arduino.Does someone can help us ?

Appreciate for your support.


Hi Tarik,

This me high power motor driver is for driving 36 encoder motors. It can be connected to makeblock mainboards like Auriga, Megapi. If you want to connect it with Arduino board, which belongs to personal advanced DIY project, you may need to research the schematic diagram of the high power encoder motor driver to figure out the connection. We can share you the schematic diagram to you if you need it


The driver has it’s own MCU that reads the encoders and controlled the PWM to the H-Bridge. The driver talks to the main controller via I2C.

You can see the Ardunio code for controlling it here

Some other info on the driver can be found here


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