How to add a device to mBlock 5 device library



We love mBlock 5. We are developing an Arduino based robot and we would like to make It compatible to mBlock 5. We already have a library to mBlock 3 that works great.

Is It possible to add a new device to mBlock 5 device library?

Thank you.
Pablo Brera


Hi Pablo,
A new device? Here we have these devices supported:

Is your device not listed?



We have created a device and we want to add It to your device list. Is It possible?



I am afraid that is not possible.


Will It be an option in the future?

If not, where can we download source code of mBlock 5?



Currently no that plan, I’ll have a record and feedback to the software team.
This link is the mBlock 5 resources:



I couldn´t find the source code in that link.

Do you have a Github repository?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Pablo,
MBlock 5 open source code is not available yet.



Do you hace any idea about when will It be available?

Is there the possibility to acces to the source code right now? That way we can start working with It.




I am trying to add a new device to mBlock 5. But after drag and drop the .mext file , didn’t get expected blocks in the mblock workplace. format (arguments) of the blocks were incorrect. i followed “Add an arduino LED Light block” example which is in developer documentation. (

This is I expected block.

But i got one is this

Please can someone tell me the correct way to add a new device with new blocks.


I’m having the same problem. The block shows the OPCODE instead of the content.


That’s correct. only show the OPCODE. I also tried this documentation. .


please help.
when i want to add ARduino Uno to device list, it can’t to connect to server. how can i add from another website or where i can download that file and add manually?


I am using mblock5 for windows PC and it is available to be added standard. In devices I just click add then it comes up


Hello. We are working with NyBoard now. There is the program Mind+ to make & upload the code to NyBoard. But we want to use mBlock 5. How can we add NyBoard to mBlock?


If you have access to many of NyBoard’s resources, you can make a device for yourself at

or you can ask mBlock or someone else to do it for you.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Everyone who read this, please, help us to create Ext. for NyBoard for mBlock 5, because here in Turkmenistan we can’t access even if we use VPN.


Do you have access to any NyBoard source codes or resources?


In fact, there is Petio Library on GitHub ( But, my apologizes, I am not sharp programmer, so I need a help or a guide to solve my issue.


I’ll see what I can do…