How is engraving different from marking?


Engraving is the effect on the material in depth.
A marking is putting a hue on the surface of the material.

Advantages of fiber optic marker:

  • High detail. It is achieved due to the small diameter of the beam.
  • High working speed.
    +No consumables. Plug into the socket and you are ready to work straight away.
    A large number of colors. With the fiber optic marker you can make a large number of shades. Also, you can do color engraving on metal if you have a certain type of emitter.
  • Reliability. The laser marker very rarely breaks. And if it does break, it is if the protective cover is not removed before working.

Advantages of laser machines:

  • They do not require complicated maintenance
  • They have a long service life
  • The machines are easy to operate
  • Machines can handle materials of different sizes, shapes and densities without damaging them
  • High-quality workmanship
    They do not produce dust or shavings
  • They have high machining accuracy without great loss of material
  • They are economical to maintain
  • They are nearly silent
  • Easy to uselaser engraving plywood

Do you need a machine for large companies or small batch production?

The answers to these questions will determine the machine configuration and the material you will be working with.


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