How do you define UI/UX Design?


The design of the user interface is strictly communicated by the placement of the brand in the overall product. Designers need to find the right balance between usability and consistent representation of the brand identity created by the marketing or creative team. As a result, user interface design is closely related to graphic design. To ensure product and brand consistency, user interface designers create style wizards, pattern libraries, and components that detail what each element looks like (color, font, etc.)
The combination of UX and UI creates your entire experience into one product. While two identical products can give you the same results, their UX / UI shows how they provide. If one product has a better UX / UI design than the other, people will use it more because they want the overall experience. Let’s hope you now understand the subtle differences between UI and UX design. For more details visit here:-UI UX Design Classes in Pune


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