How do I reset my mBot using mBlock 5?


I can reset to control via IR remote in mBlock 3, but would like to know how to do this in mBlock 5.


Once connect mBot to mBlock 5 (RC version), go to settings–update firmware–firmware version–choose factory firmware. See:


Thanks - just what I needed.


Hi. I too am looking to reset mbot back to ‘Factory Firmware’ (because it will not bluetooth to my makeblock android app) But following your instructions here, all I see is two options ‘online firmware’ (06.10.107) and something in Chinese with the numbers (06.09.009) See my attached screenshot. Is this the one I should choose? Why is it not in English?
(It seems to have reset it anyhow, so that’s good.)


It seems that your mBlock 5 is not the latest one; Please try to reinstall the mBlock 5, download here:
And please check if you have download icon against mBot when adding mBot, if yes, download and reopen mBlock 5.

You can also just choose the Chinese which is the default program. This is the translation issue, but with mine, it is English.


My school has ten mBots. We’ve yet to be able to use them as they won’t connect by USB and when we try to connect with Bluetooth to iPhones and iPads it says firmware doesn’t exist…
Very frustrating.


Hi, would you please send me a picture when you connect with USB cable? What is the message pop-up?