How do i get my mbot to go in an 'equilateral triangle'?


Hello. I have a challenge to make my mbot go in an equilateral triangle. Now, one side or one angle in an equilateral triangle is 60°. How many seconds do i need to make it turn 60°. If it is 90°, i know that it takes a 0.65 second turn, since 60 is 2/3 of 90, so i tried dividing it (90÷3×2=0.4333334). After that, i tried putting it in my code, which was "turn right at power 50%) and below it is “wait 0.4333334 seconds”. After i uploaded it, it wasn’t an equilateral triangle. The first 2 sides yes ofcourse it worked but after the second side and wanted to turn, it didn’t turn to the right angle. Someone please help me get the code for an "EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE’!! Tysm 🥰!!
Note : My version is the latest one…
And also if possible, answered before the 26th September 2020, Saturday. Again, THANK YOU :sparkling_heart:


I’m afraid there’s no accurate way to get consistent angles of turns without using additional hardware, it just has to be trial and error. It will depend on the kind of wheels, kind of surface, power in the batteries etc.


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