How can I download .mext


How can I download the “.mext” file of an extension that was created by another user?? thanks


Hi urielfrid,

Do you want to download other poeple’s extensions for learning how to write an extension? We don’t have support browsing and download other people’s extension at this moment. But if it’s for learning purpose, you might find some extensions example here in those tutorials where the .mext files are provided within the passage.

extension for micro:bit

extension for sprite


Hello makeblock_product,

I want to download example “arduino_broadcast.mext” from here

to make my extensions. But this link is dead, please tell me the way to get it.
Thank you so much!


Hi xuanngoc,

Sorry for the broken link. We’ll fix it soon.

This is the extension file: (79.7 KB)

Thanks for your support! We’re looking forward to your extension! Please don’t forget to publish it after finishing your extension project : )




Hi Allen.
Thank you for getting back to me.

I was used Mblock pc upload program to my Uno.
Everthing is ok with “upload mode broadcast” in Extension center. My Uno can communicate with Sprite.

But with the arduino_broadcast.mext file, I try to change ID and name at “” then I drag the mext file to Mblock Software , reopen and upload again, my Uno does not talk with sprite any more.

Please tell me if I make mistakes.

Best regard
Ngoc Khuu


Hi xuanngoc,

After the discussion with the engineer, we’re sorry to inform you that there is some background works in the code that only allow official devs to use. Since this extension was published by official devs, so the IDE knows the extension ID, thus allows the loading of the extension. But since you changed the id, it’s not working any more.

So a third-party developer, sadly, at this time, cannot develop extensions based on this extension directly. Would you please tell me what you need to do with this provided official extension, or what kind of extension you plan to dev? Maybe there is other way we could figure out. Or you just want to know how to write extension, you don’t have to copy the exact same content in the extension, but try to summarize how to develop an extension, what parameters need to be set, etc.




Hi Allen. Thank you raising your concerns.
I have published my Device in Extension builder with many interesting features:

  • Support run multi loop function at the same time.
  • Support declare variable flexible.
  • Support read multi button at the same time with some methods: Click, double click, long click, …
  • Support control multi led.
  • Support QTR_IR (4 eyes) is used to follow-line project.
  • Support measure distance with ultrasonic SRF-04 sensor.
  • Support RC servo and DC motor .

However I have some problem:

  • Panda chat (Arduino Mode broadcast block) does not work with Sprite. I try to write extension, that can communicate between Arduino and Sprite (like Arduino Uno Device).
  • Vietnamese language have not been enable yet. (I have joined here to translate to Vietnamese and waited ^^). Please tell me the way how to enable Vietnamese.

Best regard!
Ngoc Khuu


Hi xuanngoc,

We’ve reviewed your extension, and it’s wonderful! We’re honored to have developers contributing awesome extensions to our community.

Regarding your concern, after discussion with our team. I’m now giving your our solutions:

1.For the broadcast function to be usable for your device.
Since our mblock cannot support third-party device write their own broadcast mode temporarily, you can either wait until our future iteration, which might take a while, for us to enable this feature; or if you want, there is an official broadcast extension in the extension center, and we could enable the support for your device on this extension, so you could use broadcast function via this extension; Please let me know what you think.

2.For the translation.
I’ve consulted our translation manager, the “38%” means how much you’ve translated, and the “0%” mean how much percentage you’ve reviewed your translation. At this time, we do not officially review language other than Chinese and English. So you would also need to review the translation in your language if you would like to. Only when the two values reach “100%”, we can help to release the translation in our app.
To have the access to review the translation, please provide me with your account username (name or email), so we could enable your access as a reviewer.




Hi Allien, thank you for getting back to me. These solutions are interesting to me.

  1. With the first solution, that is very nice if you can enable an official broadcast extension in the extension center for my device.
  2. With the second solution, I am pleased to have become the reviewer, I 'll try my best. My crowdin ID: "" or “xuanngoc”

Best regard,
Ngoc Khuu


Hi Ngoc,

I’ve successfully add the support of your device for the broadcast extension. You should be good to use it within a few days once it passed the review.

Also, we’ve added you into the reviewer list on the translation platform, now you could actually have an influence on when the translation can be released as you finish the translation and review work.




Hi Ngoc,

The broadcast extension now can support your device.

But you need to further configure a small part of your device. In the “transcoding setting” part, pleas delete the following two files and resubmit the extension again for us to publish:

Since our official extension has the two files already, you don’t have to add them in your device, otherwise it will still cause some bugs. Please make the change as soon as possible for your device and broadcast function to be usable.




Hi Allen,
Thank you very much for your support.
I 'm very happy when I see an official broadcast extension in the extension center.
I have removed 2 file “OfflineBroadcast” and published my device with new version.

Best regard,
Ngoc Khuu


Hi Ngoc,

I’ve approved it. Please let me know if the extension works well with your device.




Hi Allen, my device worked perfectly ! ^^.

Thank you so much!

Best regard,
Ngoc Khuu


That’s the best news of my day and I’m very happy to hear that. It’s our pleasure to help our users solve their problems. Hope you could contribute more extensions in the future if possible.