How can I display number on makeblock numeric display?



I use Android phone to program a code for the aircraft. I use Makeblock 3.0.6 and just upgrade the firmware. My problem is:

I try to use the “numerical display” to display some value. firstly, I read this
but I still can not get what x,y,z mean. I guess z is the altitude of the drone. I try to display z coordination to the “numerical display”. I program code like this: I build a display block and code inside:

However, it display nothing when I run the drone. Then I guess I understand wrong with the z coordinate, so I try to display battery:

, but I still can not get anything from the display.

Then, I find a tutorial of

I try to use a switch to display a number:

,but still do not get anything from the “numeric display”

I tried many button, switch. I tried to display battery level, temperature and gyro axis. I also try other display blocks. None of them work. I also guess my phone may have problem, so change another phone, but it is still not working.

Am I make mistakes? Could you tell me the correct control method?



Hi Robert 1,

Please use the following program, there should be a program head above the power on module. Besides, it is suggested to use the repeat execute block.


Thanks for your reply. I try the forever loop, but I use the “read battery” block to display. However, it still does not display anything.

The display:

I also use button to try it:

I do not turn on both of them, so that they will not conflict each other. They both do not work. I try another phone, still do not work.

What phone do you use to test? I have “HUAWEI P10 lite” and “LG nexus 5X”. Are they not supported?
By the way, my LG nexus 5X phone just update to Android 8.0.0. My HUAWEI phone use its special system, it is not Android but it is similar to Android. Is it any problem because of OS of phone. I have no other phone to use.


Hi Robert1,

I use the Huawei mobile phone (with model SLA-AL00 and system Android 7.0).
Currently, I am testing on Makeblock version 3.0.8 (published Yesterday) and it works properly.
Project Panel page (Please only keep the Button and the Display panel have a try)

Code page for the Numeric Display panel. (leave it empty as it is)

Code page for Button panel

Play-> Press the ‘Button’ and see the result below:

Normally, the Makeblock APP works with Android system 4.3 and above. If your huawei phone use special system similar to android, there is possibilities that it doesn’t work properly with the APP.

Btw, did you keep the Makeblock APP connected to the Airblock Bluetooth while testing?



Thanks for your reply.

I just see makeblock APP is update. I can see it has the ultrasonic block.

I follow your process. It works. I also try other switches and sliders, they all work for the numeric display. I also try other display, such as bashboard and graph. They are also work. thanks for your fast update. Sometimes, the ultrasonic sensor responds slowly.

However, I found the slider has a little problem. I try to do this to display slide number:

but the number is not displayed on the numeric display mode.

I try other ways. I found I need give calculation:

and it works:

I do not know it is a bug or not. I guess you think about the slider can display value itself, so normally people will not use numeric display to show the silder’s value again. Therefore, it only display the value when the value need to be calculated.

However, I still think about this display is stupid. I need to divide 1 for display my slider value. In addition, the number shown on the slider is too small on my phone’s screen. It is not obvious for some myopia people like me. I need to see more bigger font of number.



Hi Robert1,

Thanks for your feedback!
Normally, the Display can show the slider value without calculating the slider value.
This is a issue and we have confirmed it. Our engineers will look for the solution to fix in new versions.