How can I create a list / array in mBlock 5


Hello. I am using mbot v1.1 and programming it with blocks through the mBlock 5 environment. I would like to use arrays/tables in the project I am implementing. I want the specific project to be able to be loaded on my mbot in Upload mode and not in Live mode. Also in this project I use the RgbLinefollower sensor. So far I haven’t found a way to create an array but only separate variables. Does anyone know if the ability to use tables in Upload mode is supported? Thanks a lot for the help.


@CaptainV As I’m sure you know, you can go to variables and then ‘make a list’. However, this only works in live mode:


Currently, there is no support for arrays in upload mode. I can try to make an array extension for you if you’d like (it would take a while!!). Good luck!


@Best_codes Thank you very much for the quick reply. This sounds great if you can make an array extension! I’m also not pressed for time. I can wait as long as needed. Let me know if I can help in any way. Thank you again.


@CaptainV Alright! I’ll see if I can have one this week or next week. Good luck!


@Best_codes Hello. What’s new? I hope you’re well. I would like to ask if there is any progress on the array extension. Have a nice day.


@CaptainV Oof! I almost forgot about this. I’ve been so busy. Sorry!!

Feel free to mention me as @Best_codes a bunch if I’m ever that inactive again.

Sadly, I couldn’t get very far with my code for mBot (the problem being that is it Arduino C, not my specialty). Perhaps @CommandeR knows some stuff about making arrays in C? If I have some stuff to get me started, I sure will try.

Again, sorry, and good luck.


@Best_codes No problem, nevermind. Everything’s fine! If anyone else can help it would be appreciated. Keep strong!


Thanks for understanding. :slight_smile: I hope that @CommandeR or @Crackel can help us.