How can I connect halocodes via LAN and PC/smartphone/tablet?


Hi, I am using mBlock 5 and would like to connect a Halocode to mBlock in Live mode and use LAN to connect this to another Halocode in upload mode so that I can connect two Halocode (one Live and one upload) together and one of two Halocode is connected to mBlock. However, I find difficulties in it. Fifty trials may have once or twice success.

I find that I am also difficult in connecting two halocode via LAN. (No mBlock LIVE this time, just two uploads) Using the demo on github (the light project, P.S.: in the demo, Something is wrong, the second Holacode didn’t change the message in the demo).


Hi JackN

To connect PC, Tablet, Halo, Codey … all of the must use the cloud for all devices.

Halocode : This is the default wifi block
Codey : This is the iOT block in the extensions (+)
Sprite (PC) : This is the block User cloud message in extensions (+)

connexion permanente

Then we pass messages. Me, I found that works pretty well

Retrieve the message on another device

Problem with life mode is that it must work at infinity. You can put code or not. It must work without stopping.


Hi Jack,

I made you an example for the block LAN.

The first Halocode must create the WIFI Direct network with the set instruction

Other Halocodes must connect to it with the join instruction

I do not know if this is the best way but it works very well.


:+1:t2: We make it. Thank you.


This one