Holes in L shaped aluminium


Hi! I got makeblock laserbox and want to cut holes in a aluminium profile like this.

It is 1.5 mm thick but I guess the problem is that it is not a flat surface but in an L shape. The two sides are 25 mm and 15 mm and the holes shall be in the 15 mm side. Is it possible to make the holes anyway or is it only possible if the surface is flat?

How can I do this?


Hi there:

I think it might be a little bit difficult to cut aluminium by laserbox,it is ok to engrave the pattern on metal but about cutting aluminium our lasertube might not have such a high power to cut it off.


Ok thanks for reply. What settings shall I use for trying create holes in the 1.5 mm thick aluminium


you cannot cut metals with a CO2 laser, you need a fiber laser. even if you power the laserbox to its max power, it will have no effect on aluminium.


ok, thanks. Would it be possible to do engraving? Then I could engrave marks on the aluminium to be drilled manually afterwards


yes, to engrave aluminium you will need a marking spray (check Cermark on google).
You can engrave metals in general if they already have an anodized layer (colored tumblers for example). if the metal is “naked” like the one in your pic, then you need the cermark spray before engraving.


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