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what is the purpose and definition of 1234567890


More details can be found in this document.
It seems that the Me light sensor uses the led principle. Therefore, in addition to measuring the ambient light, the LED shines by sending electricity in reverse.
But I don’t think this feature is needed.


thanks. and could you tell me when and for what kind of purpose I can use it.(can you give me an example how to use it or a link of video on youtube about this)


Sorry, I don’t have the Me Light sensor and mbot. And there is no information on youtube, among other things.
You might try sending a message to @tech_support.


ok,thanks for your help.


Hi user1,
You can just use it as a led light.


hey i tried to light it up but it didn’t work. can you please send me something that shows how to use it as led light.


I haven’t used this sensor but am thinking of buying 1 and have used similar sensors of other platforms.

Usually you can use these sensors in 2 different ways.

  1. to detect ambient light, for this the LED must be off

  2. as a colour sensor when the LED it turned on on the sensor will detect what colour is reflected back from a surface when the LED is shining on it.

Here is a couple fo videos that I found online


hey one more question. I am using this sensor lightone(A).
Is the block used to program this sensor(A) or this one lighttwo(B). I am confused because they both say light sensor


The first is a light sensor and the second is a colour sensor that can detect both light and colour.

Not sure which block is used for which sensor but if you can post the Ardunio that goes with the block will help to understand it.


hey thanks for your help. and I am not using arduino I am using mbot robot image


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