Help with my Mblock challenge



I am 10 years old and i am new to Make block and i have a challenge at school, and if someone can help me with my challenge.

Starting point is no 1, where i have to do several task but my problem is that i can not do intersection(crossroad), at point 11 i have to turn left and end the challenge at point 15, all the tasks i have done except turning left at point 11.

See my map to understand my objectives.


Mbot1 or mbot2 ??


Hi Crackel,
Thanks for you’re reply.It is Mbot 1



Usually I check but don’t have time until next weekend.

So, I would do like this: right sensor in the dark and left sensor in the white.

If completely in white then turn right.
If completely in the dark turn left.

That should be correct???


Thank you crackel for you’re reply I’ll try it then I’ll contact you if it doesn’t work



I remain available but if the logic works then the code will work. If you have difficulty, you will just have to adjust the code. I’ve never had this type of challenge but I’m confident.


Hi Kon

You may find that downloading my book ‘mBot&Me - vol I’ from Makeblock Education may help (it’s a free download too) and if you are new to all of this then you should get a lot of useful help from reading through it. You can find the .pdf file at:


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