Help to I group shapes on my design


Hi! :slight_smile:
I am trying to change some of the pieces of my design from “cut” to “engrave” but all the pieces on my *svg always appears as “grouped” …

I have a design with many small pieces on it, I open it on the laserbox software and all those pieces appear like it was a one whole thing, I have no problem cutting that design but i need that on of those pieces will be engraved and not cut … the best option to me is to “ungroup” the file but I cannot find that option !

Funny thing is that some of my design appears as un grouped when I open them and some don’t … could anyone help me with this :(?

Thank toy !!!


Hi Anhellowskii,

First, there is no group or ungroup option on laserbox software, there should be such option in the official image design software. If you haven’t grouped all the image as a whole in original design software, please try this way to solve this issue:
In the original design software, please set different colors for lines in different part (for example: you can set red color for the part want to cut, and set green color for the part want to engrave) and save it. Then import the image to laserbox software, the part with same color will be treated as a whole part and you can separately set cut and engrave for different parts.

Hope this helps!