[HELP] PythonForMegaPi doesn't work in Me Auriga


Dear @tech_support please help me.

I bought a Makeblock Me Auriga. I proved it Ok with MBlock5, I can drive the RGB Leds, etc. and all its ok.

But, my mainly objective is use this Mainboard through Python. I did downloaded and installed https://github.com/Makeblock-official/PythonForMegaPi and I correctly follow all steps that say the Readme file: In arduino i uploaded a MegaPi firmware and in Python code change the port for the correct USB, etc.

But after, none python examples work, in all tries I only see a flashing small blue led But nothing more. For example I try with colorLoop, Humidity, Gyro, etc. None can works or get correct data.

May be is necessary change the PINs settings in the Firmware? Could you please help me with this?

Thanks in advance


I am afraid I cannot offer technical support for such DIY application. This library is for your reference, if you use a different main board, I am afraid you may involve more geeks. Good luck~


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