Hello If someone can help with line follower with intersections



I created the scratch code to follow to line, but what I can`t find how to do is when straight road have a intersection how to go in the right path the sensor I need to use is Line Follower with 2 sensors.

Here is a image, my robot is going forward in blue line, I need to make a right turn in red line.



Good problem, in my opinion and my little experience, you would need a new sensor because the default one, this sensor only allows you to follow the lines.



Hi Crackel,

Thanks for suggestion, but the challenge is with line follower which has only two sensors to achieve the problem,
I managed to make the turn with counting seconds when robot is on that spot but that`s not good example because not every time the time is same for robot to be in that spot, I was thinking if someone had this problem and help me achieve.
Its an interesting task if someone would like to help me.

This is the whole map


Ok, with the big picture it looks a little easier. The concept is to follow your right. I will draw a course tonight and schedule tomorrow. I will then try to follow the left side in black and the right side in white.


Hi vegimcarkaxhija,

Here is a solution. It is probably possible to improve but I do not have much time. Hope this will help?



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