Hellish Noises and Running into the wall


I just got finished building the XY plotter 2.0 and I booted up mDraw. I put in some random .svg file for it to test. The motors started making an awful noise and the extruder started jamming itself against one of the corners. The only way I could stop the motors from destroying themselves was to hit the motor power switch on the board. Any ideas on what is happening?


Hi Adam,
Please check:

  1. try to turn down the current with below switch (the noise maybe caused by it):
  2. check the limit switch connection:

  3. turn off the buzzer on the orion board.
  4. select correct COM port and update firmware, every time we switch from benbox to mdraw or vice versa, we need to update firmware in the software;
  5. check the divide, for mdraw, it should be HHH;
  6. make sure X connects to port 1 and Y connects to port 2;
  7. the wire order of stepper motor should be: blue, red, green and black.


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