Halocode - Servo


Warning: the connection of an external module can burn your Halocode if you create a short cut.
I unfortunately had this sad experience.

I’ll get back to you in a few days on how to fix it for people as badly as I live.
Naturally, this is going to reflect the problem that the short cut will have caused.

Here’s how to connect a servo motor to make the Makeblock experience of the garage door that opens.

Cheap Motor Servo


Note : A second of delay was too short to leave the car. :grinning:


As it says: I had broken a Halocode. Now he is repairing. Be careful, because the components are really very very small. However, it is repairable. I think there is another protection and a little more in the curcuit.

So, if you see the chip burned (visually). Just connect both sides.
Personally, I asked Makeblock the fix. He helped me quickly and it works.

Thank you Makeblock.