Halocode Analog read


I am trying to connect a DHT11 Temperature Humidity sensor to Halocode. I have been able to get a reading of 974 by using the upload broadcast extension blocks to a sprite. I am also using he Analog Read block for the Halocode. However I can’t get the reading/data to change. The reading continues to display 974. I understand that Analog Read voltage is in a range from 0-1023. So I am wondering if there is a reason why the data would not fluctuate if the temperature rises or falls. Why is it constant?
Also if anyone knows how to convert that 974 to a temperature or humidity reading. Any insights are appreciated.


Maybe the extension is configured incorrectly? Which one are you suing?


Actually I’m not using any extension. The Halocode does not have hardware extensions for off the shelf DHT11 sensors. I’m just connecting it direct to the analog read #2 touch pad. I am getting a single reading. 974. However when I try to warm the sensor up there is no fluctuation in the reading. Should the voltage fluctuate? Or is that dependent on an extension that has those calculations baked into it?


I’m not sure that you can use an analog pin (Like Halocode’s touch sensor) in combination with a DHT11 sensor.
This may help you, though: