Gyro IPAD/IPHONE for Neuron


Hi Makeblock,

Gyro instruction could improve. It would be easier to control the motors with values from -180 to 180 than values: FALSE / TRUE. Currently, getting an Iphone to 0/0 with the Gyrop is practically impossible. Finally, it would be possible to put the iPhone vertically for a steering wheel.

It would also be possible to vary the speed.


Thanks for your kind feedback and we’ll forward to the product department.
And could you please describe more of the application?


I want to turn my iPhone into control.
Like the controllers of the WII and Mario kart.
iPhone in vertical possition and on the side as a steering wheel.

Then, some things like this:

Back: between 100 and 180 = back
Before: between 80 and 0 = advance
: between 80 and 100 = Stop


If so, you can try to use “Compare” and “And” together.



In the Gyro, I can use: Angle with Pitch (X), Pitch (Y), Pitch (Z).
Ok, ignore my request. Everything is perfect. I will try my project.




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