Google Sheets


Hi Makeblock,

I can’t use the Google Sheets.

it does not work : File


Is it because the name of the sheet is in French ???

Maybe you need a very specific sheet name?
not work anymore…


Hi Michel,

Here are the steps guiding use the google sheet with the mBlock 5 software:
Set up a new sheet in Google Sheets, click the Share button on the right corner, and click the arrow as shown in the picture.

Choose Anyone with the link can edit

Then click to Copy Link

And copy to mBlock

And then we can test by press the space button. Here’s how the result turned out:


That’s exactly what I do … can you manually try to add a few things with the link I left. In this way, it would prove that the configuration of the file is correct.

it does not work : File


Hi Michel,

Yes, I tested it, the configuration is correct.
I have tested the mBlock program with the link you shared and it works.

I have saved my program file and will send it to your email, please have a check


heee … i don’t understand why it works so well. Your code works and so does my code ??? I will continue to test but it works, so thank you.



Glad to hear it works, welcome!