G-Code Import


Is it possible to import a G-code text file into program that would allow my mBot to follow a CAD designed profile?
The file would look something like this…
G00 X5.850 Y-21.509 Z1.000
G01 Z0.000 F30.0
G01 X6.239 Y-21.461 F100.0
X6.625 Y-21.389
X7.006 Y-21.296
X7.877 Y-20.997
X8.282 Y-20.818
X8.675 Y-20.614
X9.383 Y-20.166



I am still figuring a lot out about mBlock, but that sort of thing looks like something you would have to write a bit of code to parse into mBot movements. Just brainstorming, but do you know what mBlock currently supports in terms of uploading code?

Also, I seem to remember a MakeBlock product that was some sort of drawing device, which seems like something that would use G-code, or at least have a similar format. If there’s software specific to that device, it might give you a headstart on figuring out how to import that type of data.