Hi makeblock,

I received 2 CyberPi and the following features are really great. Can you look to add them in the Halocode ???

Can Halocode and CyberPI communicate with LAN instructions ?

thank you

How to find the halo board's serial number?

Hi Crackel, I have forwarded your suggestion to our team, but at the moment they don’t have any plan to update the firmware of Halocode, therefore I cannot guarantee you that it will be added for sure.

Technically Halocode and CyberPi can communicate via LAN cause CyberPi supports the LAN communicating plan of Halocode, but we don’t have any guide at the moment. The only information we can provide for now is that it can be achieved by Micro-Python


Hi tech_support,

I understand your answer and to innovate, you sometimes have to put certain things aside. However, I have a lot of Makeblock products because they are really exceptional for creativity but with each new product I have to buy the compatible material. Otherwise I have to tweak methods and test so that everything communicates together.

Here is and cable to use the LEDS and the Servo motor of the NEURON on the CyberPI. Your mBlock 5 is super adaptable but your hardware should be more compatible with each other. Cable like this is possible to make for Makeblock easily.

For your Firmware, if it is technically possible and you already have a good part of the code done, you should add it to the Halocodes. Creativity is not to use only what has been prefused to function, but to use Halocodes for a controller and to connect with a CyberPI with Arduino sensors. If you add it in the blocks it is much easier for the youngsters.

Makeblock products are not equivalent to LEGOs. Your strength is your mBlock 5 and the maétiel. Be careful that the material continues to evolve and that it speaks to each other.

Thank you