French translation?


I made french translation from the beginning of this great project.
But now for many months nobody answer my emails, nor on github issues…and my translations are totally outdated.

How can I send new sentences, or update locale.xlsx ?
Thanks a lot.


Hi Sebseb,

Do you mean tranlation for mBlock? If yes, please refer to this link about the mBlock translation.
As for the email, which email address you sent to? I have checked the inbox of and didn’t find your email. Anyway, you can refer to above link for mBlock translation.


I was in touch the last years with:


Thanks for information, I never found it anywhere !!! I asked for access with mail account.

ASAP I will update french translation.


Hi Sebseb,

Welcome! Hope you can update the french translation soon and thanks!

Besides, my colleague may not able to receive the email when send to,need mention that we have changed the domain name of our email address to

Best Regards!


…I never received any error from mail server ! :rage:
I’m working on it.
I think there are some double language name, you should verify.


French translation seems to be finished. How can I test ?
When I save from Google Docs to xlsx format, and overwrite in my local mBlock, it desn’t work…


we are going to release the beta version which has french translation finished in this week, i will notice you ASAP. Thank you for helping us.


you can clear cache ; extension -> clear cache; because translation data create a copy in Appdata file in windows.


Nope…I already tried this but list of language is empty in mBlock.


In which file? locale.xlsx? should not be empty.


Not in the file locale.xlsx. When I clean cache, I close mBlock, I change locale.xlsx with the new one from Google Docs, I restart mBlock and the list of language is empty, only english.
So I cannot change only this file, I don’t know why… on mBlock v3.4.3


I konw your secret !!! You open and save files with Libre Office !
It works, so I can try any little modification to make it perfect (or I hope so).


Glad to hear that you figured it out!


I think it’s finished. I tried to find any sentences.
Some of sentence in mBlock are not referenced in locale.xlslx
As I still have the problem (I don’t understand at all ! Maybe I made a mistake inside file itself) to export locale file from GDrive to test it ‘in live’, I hope I finished well.

Thanks for adding it.


the translation is finished, the locale.xlsx file in mblock direction is where the script store /yourdirector/mblock/locale. But the software created a mirror in C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\com.makeblock.Scratch3.4.3\Local Store\mBlock\locale this is the cache file for the translation. if you overide install your mBlock, you should clear the cache to update the roaming. So if you want test it ‘in live’ you should modified the roaming file.

Thank you


About locale.xlsx file, that’s exactly what I did. The problem is that mBlock seems not to read correctly this file.
From Google Drive, I do : File -> Download -> Microsoft Excel. And I put this file at the right place, when I launch mBlock I have this:


Try to clear the cache under Extensions menu