Forum Privacy


I just registered to this forum because I would like to engage a bit more in the community. Upon registering, I read your privacy disclaimers and had a few questions:

  1. My personal information (not specified what exactly) is used to supply me with tailored ads. Does this mean that you share our information with third parties? Please tell me what information and to which third parties.
  2. You elaborate on how you actively safeguard our private data, but this forum doesn’t even work with HTTPS. Could you please at least implement HTTPS using Let’s Encrypt?



Good question.
The privacy policy is a bit of old and too generic. Actually, we are going to update it in a short time. But for your questions:

  1. As you may see, we are not doing the targeted ads to forum users for now. And since it’s not in the privacy policy, we legally do not have the right to share your data with a third party and we are not doing or planning to do so. In fact, all the “targeted ads” by Makeblock are sent by hand.

  2. Making the forum HTTPs is a good point. We will look into that.


Blockquote Making the forum HTTPs is a good point. We will look into that.

@bigeyex If you need some arguments for the management … that will also increase your Google ranking a lot.


I think, with the upcoming GDPR, not much arguments are required. All the best and thanks for thinking about my and all our privacy. :+1: