First test of airblock, many bugs, lack of information etc


Hi, yesterday I got an airblock, seems to be a nice and full of potential bot.
My first attempts fail. Drone Hover do not work for me, with some effort i got it fly (I’m only interested on coding)

The block “drone hover” rises the drone to the roof, i suposse that this command should let the drone stationary at the height from the floor it was when the command is executed… i search and search but no documantaion at all. Same with all other commands.

After some mintues/hours i found for example that the throttle range is between 0…2000 found this after reading almos all the posts here! This is no way, the route to take.

Also found that it can not be renamed a variable, I can not. If instead of an airblock I choose a mBot, no problem at all, I can select a variable, rename it.

A piece of software with only one variable is useless! and this bug has a couple of years, my version is 3.4.0 androidone device (xiaomi A1)

Have many expectations about this product, but if i can not code it, is useless.

I found almost no code example, tutorial and the like about this product.

So, is there a good documentation about blocks/comand, ranges of values available somewhere?
Will the “no rename variable” bug be solved?
I test only a few commands, and hover do not work at all, each failure of a command, ends with a crash, my question is, how stable or confiable are the rest of the “undocumented” other commands.

very dissapointed with the product

Juan Ignacio Odriozola


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