Firmware update on my mbot


Hello I am using a MacOS with Sierra version 10.12.6. I downloaded the mbot app but I cannot find connect/board etc. Is there something I need to do to get this to display? Anyone please help.

Thank you


Did you download mBlock 5 like below:

If yes, here is the help documentation:


Thank you! New update this is the app That I downloaded and I updated the firmware but I am getting the same message saying ''Device not supported, or firmware not dectected" My only options are skip or help

I tried it on an android phone and iPhone but the same message comes up.

IPad is up to date 12.4
Looking forward to your reply
Thank you


Hi Joshua126,
A possible reason is lacking of power. Please try new battery or recharge the battery.

Also please test if it is working with live mode and upload mode in mBlock 5.

By the way, once connected, its Bluetooth module light is solid on?


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