Firmware Update Laserbox


The software shows a firmware update info but new firmware doesn’t download… please help!


Any admin here?


Hi eigermaker,

They probably have to hide some parts.
However, I recommend that you ask the question directly:

Hope you have more success.


Hi Crackel, thank you. I’ve done so, but also didn’t get any information on that. Maybe there’s some other Laserbox owner who can compare the firmware with his/her latest version. I think 1.0.7 ist the latest. Regarding Makeblock Laserbox Technical Support, they are out of office till 11th October,


Hi eigermaker,

Indeed, the forum is a good place to ask questions and it makes a knowledge base. I’m also happy to hear that Makeblock will be back on October 11th. There would have been less discontent if there was an indication on the forum.

I hope that a user can take your issue forward