Firmware unrecognized after editing orion_firmware.ino


First of all, I’d like to thank you for this forum because it helped me work through several issues to this point. I really appreciate what you guys are doing, and I’m so glad to get into the field of robotics with your products.

I have the basic starter kit with the Orion board. I thought it would be most fun for my daughter if I added the LED matrix, which is beautiful, by the way. I found out that mBlock 3 doesn’t support the LED matrix, so I have to use the Arduino IDE on OSX. That’s fine, so I write a program, it uploads, the LED Matrix works well.

The problem is, I want to be able to connect to the robot using the Makeblock iPad app and use the LED matrix at the same time. So, I find and edit orion_firmware.ino, but if I even change it a little bit, the iPad app says “Unrecognized firmware” and won’t connect to it. Right now, I can either program the LED Matrix on a robot that I can’t control through the app, or I can drive the robot around with the iPad app, but I can’t do both. Is there any way to add LED Matrix functionality to the Orion firmware without causing it to stop connecting to the iPad app?


Hello Ranvier01,
As long as the Starter is not using the default program, the makeblock app won’t recognize it.
So if you have modified the default program and then use makeblock app, it will have the issue.
To get it work with makeblock app work again, upload the official default program in Arduino IDE-example, or in mBlock 3 (reset).
We can’t use the both. I am afraid we won’t update the default program for adding led Matric to the default program.


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