Firmware & middleware settings


I’m trying to configure a device. I’ve got the hex files (and the source code as well) for my firmware. Now the question is how to configure everything to send this to the arduino (the documention is empty and only show screen capture without any comment):

  1. In this example (, there is a quite obscure middleware code for the connection, but I do not understand what is its purpose

  2. In the firmware there is a drop down list with different driver. Which one should be used with Arduino Uno and Mega ?


Hi sebdelprat,
If you are tring to create a extension in mBlock5, here is a guidance for you.
Please check, hope it will work to you.


I am not creating an extension but a device.
I gave a link to the firmware & middleware page. Is there any place where we can find info about device programming (the doc only contains very few and most of the technical part are not explained)


Here is a example of Add an Arduino device.


Thanks but there is no explanation about middle ware settings, driver, firmware, etc.
I am looking how to upload my custom library (.cpp, .h) with a device.
The doc includes explanation for extension, but I am programming a device.


Hi sebdelprat,
Go to [My device]-[Transcode settings] and click + in the Source file area to upload a file.

If you have arduino uno, please choose stk500v1.

You can have a look at this document.


Thank you very much, I did not see it because it was at the bottom of the windows. This was my fault.


You are welcome!


For some reason, the device preview is not working using Chrome but it is working using Firefox.

Is there any way to debug using the PC version ? (i.e to have console log).


Please share me the configuration of your computer.
Also please try it at another time.


My computer is Win 10, 64bits 32Go memory + i7
I think some times the server do not works well with chrome for some reason. It is not all the time


Yes sebdelprat,
That may caused by the network, anyway I will feedback the issue to the mBlock team to see if we can do someting to improve it.


Hello @tech_support thank you for your support.

I already create device based on arduino Uno and it work correctly, but i can’t do it when i try to create a new device based on arduino leonardo. please can you help me to do it? or send me the mext file of a demo example for arduino leonardo device.

Thank you in advice!


Hi abdooo, in this case, please describe your problem and help needed in detail and send to , we will help you via email