Firmware_For_Auriga V09.01.017 Source Code


I have downloaded and installed MBlock 5.3 and I am using a Me Bluetooth module (dual mode) since I don’t have the single mode module. I am also using the Serial Port Protocol Mode since I can connect with it but cannot connect with the Bluetooth Low Energy mode. So I need to change the references in the Firmware_For_Auriga where there are references for Serial to Serial2 so I can connect through Port 5. I did try the 09.01.016 version through the usb port without modifications and got no response from Mblock. I download the online 09.01.017 and it will respond through the usb port but since it uses Serial instead of Serial2 it won’t respond to the bluetooth comm port when connected. So I was wondering if there is a link to V09.01.017 source code since all I can find at GitHub is the 09.01.016 version which is incompatible with MBlock5.3.


Just rechecked my code and was able to connect with bluetooth and control with a modified version of V09.01.016. It still would be good to get the source code for V09.01.017


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