"File Error. Install Failed" When adding device on mBlock 5 for Windows 10


Hi I can’t add/ install any device in mblock. I try everything. only info "File error.Install Failed! " Any ideas?! Thanks for any help…


@bartek1983 Don’t worry, this is a known issue. Hopefully, makeblock will fix it soon. :slight_smile: In the meantime, since the PC app is based on ide.mblock.cc, try using https://ide.makeblock.com/ instead and let me know if that works. Thanks!


I have exactly the same issue since I bought the mblock in october 2023, it’s really annoying.
https://ide.makeblock.com/ isn’t very friendly on chrome :frowning:

@Best_codes you said it’s a known issue, where can we find information on this bug?


@gigalol There isn’t much information on the bug. There is no official place that bugs are logged at. You could email makeblock (support@makeblock.com) and ask about it.
Also, just to make sure @bartek1983, you are opening a file explorer, finding your file location (not searching for the file), and dragging it into mBlock, correct?

Good luck! Hopefully this is fixed soon.


@Best_codes I didn’t know it was possible, where do you find the devices installation files?


If you need a specific one, then private message me and I can send it to you.