Filament is not loading



I have a mCreate 2.0 and I am experiencing problems as the automatic filament loading procedure is not successful and there is little I can do using the menu options only.

after a clog/broken filament, I unscrewed the cover of the extruder box, cleaned up, checked the extruder heater electrical connections were ok, reassembled everything, got no error messages at boot, I can launch the load filament routine but the filament doesn’t get loaded.

any suggestion?

can I get a log of what’s happening connecting a pc via usb with Printrun software?

thank you

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I’d contact mBlock here:

My AI says:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with the automatic filament loading procedure on your mCreate 2.0. Here are a few suggestions to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Check the filament: Make sure the filament is not tangled or stuck. Ensure that the filament is properly seated and inserted into the extruder.

  2. Clean the extruder: Ensure that there is no debris or leftover filament blocking the extruder. Use a small wire brush or a similar tool to clean out any obstructions.

  3. Check the filament sensor: Make sure the filament sensor is functioning correctly. If the sensor is faulty, it may prevent the filament from being loaded. You can test the sensor by manually pushing down the filament detection lever and checking if it is triggered.

  4. Verify the extruder motor: Ensure that the extruder motor is functioning properly. You can test it by manually extruding filament using the control panel options.

Regarding your question about getting a log of what’s happening, you can connect your mCreate 2.0 to a computer via USB and use software like Printrun (also known as Pronterface) to communicate with the printer and view the console output. This can help you identify any error messages or issues that may be occurring during the filament loading process. You can find more information on using Printrun with your mCreate 2.0 in the makeblock forum or the mCreate 2.0 user manual.

If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing issues, I recommend reaching out to the makeblock support team or posting your question on the makeblock forum, where experienced users and experts can provide further assistance.

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