Feature requests/Suggestions for mBlock 5 for PC



I have a few feature requests/suggestions for the PC version of mBlock 5!

  1. I noticed that there are undo and redo buttons on the bottom right in the web version of mBlock 5, but they aren’t on the PC version. Could they be added?

  2. I can only undo a handful of times on the PC version of mBlock 5. Could you make it so that the user can undo a lot more (ideally all the way back to when the program was last opened)?

  3. It would be nice to have mBlock 5 auto-save periodically so that work isn’t lost if the program closes unexpectedly (I don’t think it does this currently, if it does, then nevermind).

  4. I would also be nice to have mBlock 5 automatically open the last project being worked on so that users could pick up exactly where they left off when re-opening the program.

  5. I don’t know how easy this would be, but it would be nice to have mBlock 5 automatically connect when a MakeBlock device is plugged into the USB, or at least make it so that users only need to click one button to connect (i.e. move the connect button to the main screen, and have it automatically connect to USB or bluetooth to the available MakeBlock device).

  6. Finally, on the main mBlock screen, it would be nice to be able to collapse or resize the left-most column (with the devices/spites/background box and mini canvas) to make more space for the programming blocks.

Just some friendly suggestions. Keep up the great work!


Hi AskMyDog,

I am sure Makeblock will take note of your suggestions. However, it should also be understood that mBlock is based on Scratch 3 and without being identical, it remains similar. However, there are some differences like the functionality of UNDO which is not yet present.

  1. The PC version is 5.4 while the web version is 5.4.21. I also hope to have this functionality as well as DARK mode.
  2. With CTRL + Z on the PC version, you get a lot of UNDO …
  3. Yes and No, an autosave to another file name would be correct but not to the file itself. I regularly modify my code for testing and I don’t necessarily want a backup. So, with care for this feature.
  4. Interesting if configurable. Is this possible for the WEB version ???
  5. Personally, I use 3 USBs for my Halocodes. Automation will respond to a lot of users but hurt a minority. Usually you click: Connect and immediately on Connect, this is almost automatic for most bots.
  6. This feature is modeled after Scratch… There is a limit.

Note: Makeblock may respond better to all of your suggestions. They didn’t always add my requests, but they explained some of their decisions to me.


Hi guys:

Thank you for your feedback,I’ll send these problem to our PM to improve it in next version.