Failed to upload mblock code to microbit


Hi, I’m currently trying to code my BBC microbit ver2 using Mblock.
I tried to upload the code onto the microbit but failed.

It shows
error: The application image is not compatible with the target.
type: user

May I know how can I resolve this issue?



It seems like the error is due to uploading an old .hex file with the latest micro:bit.
Mblock doesn’t support BBC Microbit Ver2 ???


Hi there:

If might cause by compatibility problem of extension and I can’t find official device of Ver2,so it might not support your device for now.


Hi there,

Thanks for the reply, meaning that currently mblock only support BBC Micro:bit version 1, isn’t?


If you can’t find your Microbit mainboard version it means mBlock might not support your device for now as you can see there are lots of arduino mainboard version.