Extension visible in web but not PC


I have 2 extensions that are not visible in the library of de PC version of Mblock but i do find them in web version. Is this a bug or am i missing something…both are for PC and Web.

cheers Ian


Maybe there is a parameter in the first tab of your extension to say where it’s available? I don’t really know so it can be wrong

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Yup, got both platforms checked


I think that the answer will be yes but have you publish the extension? If you click on “preview” you can just see your extension on the popup page but she isn’t really in the Extensions list because you just test it

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Yes first version is published…second in review. I can find it in the browser version but not in pc software one


I don’t really know the pc software so I don’t know if we can edit extensions with it
If not you just need to wait for the reviewer to publish it with the platform modification

Sorry for my bad English


ok published 2 extensions and only one is visible in pc version library…they have the same settings …really strange


Are the both extensions finshed successfully their review?


yes …you can browse the one thats visible

visible : Grove (wellant)
not visible : Braccio (wellant)