Extension Builder website so slow (fixed)


I have create a new device on “Extension Builder”.
After I changed a new firmware, upper site is so slow.
It is impossible to create a new device, delete a device, show preview (it returns timeout) and any other things.

Could you reset my all account information?



Extension builder is not working for me since yesterday as well…


Thank a lot for your reply.


Same here with me. Looks like the builder website is experiencing some issues. Hoping for developers to comment on this…


Hello guys, we just checked our server and everything is normal there. Can you all tell me that your region so that we can locate the problem? @yhlee @alex_pl @sharadkhanna4


I am from Israel.
Seems like some data is very slowly pulled from database and some data is not pulled at all.
This started two days ago


I am from Melbourne, Australia. I guess it’s the same for me as well, data is very slow, not able to download or preview changes. Happening since yesterday for me.



Just saving a project in the Makeblock Cloud, it doesn’t work … REBOOT all.


I am from Korea.
I guessed I took a mistake, so I deleted my device on web site.
Today I tried to add a new device, that action is very slow.
In addition, the upper new device is not shown on web.
I don’t know if the new device is created.


Hi yhlee,

It’s been a long time since I was in this section but I confirm that it is terribly slow. I even thought I had lost everything. However, it appeared after several seconds of waiting.

I hope they will improve the site


looks like the issue is now fixed!


I confirm … it is corrected …


Hi guys, we have rebooted our server and I believe the problem has been fixed