ESP32 dev board upload error


Hello community,

Initially, I attempted to use the ESP32 library by lizhihomepicture, but I encountered an issue where the upload process wouldn’t commence. It would halt following the “processing code completed” message.

Additionally, I’m not fond of the code being generated in Python. Therefore, I switched to the ProMake ESP32 library, but I ran into a different problem:

Error: Sending 3020: receiveData timeout after 1000ms

My goal is to upload a straightforward block program that triggers the blinking of the built-in LED on the ESP32-WROVER-DEV board. At the moment, I do not have access to the ESP32-WROOM-DEV board.

For this task, I’m utilizing the most recent version of the mBlock desktop application on macOS 12.7.3 (Monterey).


@sdgeeqgqq Many of the libraries are by third parties and do not work. You would need to contact the creators of the library / device / extension to resolve the issue, or try to make your own device.
:grimacing: Makeblock can’t do much about this, so you are likely better off using Arduino IDE to code your non-mBlock brand boards.

Sorry. :confused: