ESP32 and ESP8266 in mblock


I just discovered that halocode is a ESP32 microcontroller.
but in mblock both the ESP32 and the ESP8266 doesn’t work (uploading fail).
is it possible to fork the halocode device to implement the ESP32 and the ESP8266.
with the halocode source we could understand and implement correctly the esp32 and the ESP8266.
i’ve search but i can’t find the source of the halocode device.

Thanks a lot



I love the Halocode and it’s an ESP32 BUT you won’t be able to communicate between the Halocode and an ESP32. The Halocode code is Makeblock proprietary and if you have any questions about how to use it, I’m available because the device has a lot of potential.

I try to do what ??


I would like to have esp8266 and esp32 correctly implement in mblock.
Actually the upload from mblock to esp8266 or esp32 doesn’t work.


i would like to do this with mblock :


Hi KarlTH,

It is possible because Makeblock offers a tool to create its own devices. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m ready to try with you. You’re French ???

Here is an example :

Here’s how to access the tool :


yes i’m french and you ?
I already know :
For creating extension it’s very easy and a perfect tools.
My friend Laurent have already make 2 extension who are really good :slight_smile:

But for creating devices it’s really différent.
there isn’t enough information. cf : link

Actually the devices ESP8266 and ESP32 did’nt work, it didn’t upload. (check in the forum)
But the halocode is an ESP32
So if we could have access to the halocode mext, it could be easy to create a functional ESP32 device and with this first step maybe it could be possible to make a functional esp8266


Hi karlTH,

Yes, I’m French but from Quebec.

I fully agree with you for the documentation. If we can see how devices like ESP32 are made, we could reproduce and modify the code and therefore have more devices.

I don’t have time to explore the development environment yet, but I plan to do so next year.



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