Erasing in design- simple editing



Can anyone please let me know if there is a way to erase in the Design mode? I find it hard to believe that you cannot do a simple edit like erasing…



Hi Bridgetortega,
Unfortunately, I am afraid that there is no erase icon since it only integrated some basic image design function. In the design mode of laserbox software, if you want to delete some part, you can just select the part and press delete button on keyboard to delete it. Or you can undo the operation in previous step. May I know your application scenarios of requiring using erase while design through laserbox software so that I can share it to product team for assessment.

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I’m not the original poster, but I may be able to explain because I desperately want this feature as well.
Example: I import the image of a sun to engrave. I can use the outline feature and it will perfectly outline the sun’s rays.
I like the sun so much I want it to be a wind chime with a straight bottom Now, I could go back to my software, edit the sun, figure out how to outline all those pointy fiddly rays, insert a rectangle for the base, edit out the overlap, add the circles for the wires to attach the chimes, save the file, import it into laserbox, enter the cut power settings for each part, make sure the engrave is set properly and then start the machine.

Ideally, I could import the sun image, use the outline feature, switch to design, make a rectangle under the sun and use an erase feature to remove the rays in the overlapping section. Then I make a circle, set the cut power setting and copy paste until I have the desired number of attachment points for the chimes.
Cherry on the sundae would be the ability to save that to my computer so I could open it again later and cut another.

Thanks for your time!


Hi Mar,

Thanks for sharing your application scenaries. If I understand your description properly, it looks like the union function can also achieve your purpose.


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