Engrave trough wood


I have just try a cut and engrave on the original wood 3mm, but the engrave go through the wood

there are some spots like


Hi there:

Please make sure the image to engrave can be clearly identify by laserbox and choose engarve first and try it again.


on your picture I see the back of your product right ? I think the parameters for engrave are too “heavy”, maybe test another with engrave : POWER “-20” vs the existant et speed like the existant


thank you, with less power, minus 10%, there aren’t the hole in the back. I need more passage in order to have a good engrave


Makeblock’s default engraving parameters are a bit too powerful, less power and higher engraving speed should help.


Thank you for the hints. Is there a template in laserbox format, lqx file, to check the engrave on material? image



Generally,when you select the material like basswood 3mm the machine will choose a defaut setting combination of power/speed for you and you just need to click the button and engrave it,but if you use different material you need to adjust the power and speed by yourself.


I would test the engrave both with material know by laserbox and new material. I see that the standard engrave power is not good for my purpouse and I would use a template with different speed and power in order to understand the response of the cutter. I found a lot of template for other laser cutter, but not for our laserbox


please release the driver from the laserbox software


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