Elegoo mars vs Longer orange 30


Hey, I want to buy one of these 3d printers but I don’t know which one :frowning: I’m interested in elegoo mars because has a great aligned screw directly inserted to the motor, but I don’t like the linear guide system. However, the longer orange 30 has a linear rail (If someone knows the specs of the rail I’ll be really happy if she/he can share it in the coments) which if is from Hiwin it would be fantastic, but the screw and the coupler looks a bit desaligned so I’m afraid that this will have a negative effect on the print like wobble. In addition this one has in theory a best uv lamp. What I’m looking for is the best print quality, so which one do you think has the best print quality? Or if you know another one which has better print quality, please leave a comment with the name of it. The maximum price I can pay is around 350€ thanks. :slight_smile: https://solitaire.onl/ https://9apps.ooo/


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