DXF file exported from Illustrator with jagged edges when imported


Hi there

I have an issue with the Laserbox software v 1.1.9. I am something getting jagged edges when it should be perfectly round. I have my file in illustrator, and I export it to a DXF file as per the screenshots. The DXF file looks fine, but when it is imported in the Laserbox software the edges are not perfectly round as in the DXF file they are slightly jagged. The dimensions of the file when imported are perfect, it’s just the rendering of the line which is off. Is this a bug, or are there settings when exporting the file from illustrator 2023 that I can change to fix this? Thanks David


Hey, David,
.png files naturally have this problem. You can’t zoom in on them infinitely. I would suggest that you try checking the “Maximum Editability” box, and see how it looks. Otherwise, I’d see if you can export it as something else like an SVG.


It’s not zooming in on it infinitely. It actually cuts out jagged as well. It never used to be like this, this is only a recent thing.

It’s also not all curves, only the bigger ones. I have tried SVG and the laserbox software doesn’t keep the actual size, so that doesn’t work at all.


Very sorry to hear that! Perhaps you can contact mBlock or try the xTool support page:


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