Driver for USB connection


Can anyone please send me a link for windows driver update for Codey Rockey to be able to
connect to a windows computer?


Hi arg3n3s,
Do you mean arduino driver?
Now the Codey rocky is not detected by the mBlock 5 software?


Mblock5 doesn’t detect codey when connected to a windows computer with the usb cable.


Hi, is arduino driver what I need to install if the mBlock software doesn’t detect Codey Rocky?



I sent you the driver and troubleshooting of failing to detect COM port. But I got bounce back email.


Can you please resend it to ?

Thanks a lot


Actually I sent this email before…Anyway, I resent it.


I have not received it. Would it be possible to put it on a link/page that I can download from?

Thanks again


Ok, please try this one.


I’m having the same issue at our school, i can install the driver with admin privileges but as soon as the computer reboots and a student logs in to try connect the mblock software with the codey, it wants to install the driver again and students don’t have the Admin Privileges to install the driver… any help would be much appreciated, sorry if this is the wrong place it’s just to do with the usb not working.


Hi Keiran93,
When did you download and install the mBlock 5 software?
I have similar issue that student’s account fails to detect COM port as the limited privilege, but this issue is fixed in the latest mBlock 5.1.0 released in July.
Or is it a different issue as that one? Any more limitation for your students’ accounts? Please kindly give me more details on this case.
By the way, under student account, can usb device be detected under device manager?
Is it working if use web version?