Dragon knight program


I have just brought the Dragon Knight but are unable to make it work.

I did find Dragon Knight Program-Bluetooth.sb2 but when you open it in mblock5 it isn’t complete.


Umm knight program was for mBlock 3,not 5? Unless they changed something after I built mine?


Yes I installed Mblock3 then was able to run the dragon knight program.

Considering Dragon Knight is the most expensive robot kit MakeBLock sell and Mblock5 is current software used for programming maybe Makeblock need to convert it to mblock5


Yeah,but since it isn’t really that known it doesn’t seem they care much about software.
BTW any missing parts? Mine arrived without one acrylic feet(I milled it myself but still you’d expect to have no missing parts in such an expensive kit).


All parts are here.

Have you had any problems with the y-axis gyro doesn’t work most of the time for detecting you have turned the robot upside down and flips the legs around??

I find if you change it to x-axis gyro in the function called reversejudementexecution then it detects it has been flipped length ways and switches the legs around. I am wondering if there is a bug in the y-axis gyro of mblock3??


@Bleky I’m sorry for the trouble caused to you.
Next time you met the same situation you can contact the Makeblock Support Team support@makeblock.com

So your robot works abnormal?
Please take a short video to show me the issue.


Hmm,mine switches the legs around normally and I didn’t change any of gyro settings?


Yes there was a small amount of abnormal behavior from the dragon knight. The feature we had trouble with was the robot detecting it was tuned upside down and flip it’s legs the other way up.

When I swapped the x-axis for the y-axis then the robot detected it was being turned upside down and flipped it’s legs the other way


Could you please take a short video to show me the issue?
You can send it to support@makeblock.com


I brought the dragon knight because it had all the components (smart servos and Bluetooth controller) that I was needing for other projects I wanted to build.

I have now disassembled the dragon knight and used the parts for the projects I am now building. I will provide feedback on the smart servos :slight_smile:


Ok, hope you will enjoy playing with our Makeblock products.


Finally I decide to by dragon knight with the amazing 8 servos !!! I mount one more servo to move head (ultrasonic sensor). I was disappointed because orignal program works only on mBlock 3 :cry: so I rewrite it on mBlock 5 !!! May some will be interested ? It’s a quick inspiration of original code , some addons code allows new tricks … feel free to use it and change it , it’s only a starting point for DIY !!! Let’s see a demo beside and have funCustomDragonKnight.zip (25.3 KB)

Video : Video


Bravo :slight_smile: