Download Mext file from library


I want to download the mext file to the extensions available in the corresponding extension library. How can I do this? The goal would be to download a particular extension (A4 Grove) in order to apply small customizations.
Thanks for any help.


Hello, Go to and publich service / extnsion management and copy paste your ID extension previously and paste this ID. You will see your extension. Follow step and wait for acceptation from makeblock…:slight_smile:


ok thank you , but I retrieve my mext file :+1:


Bonjour Pascal, avez vous réussi a modifier une extension, je n’arrive pas a trouver le fichier MEXT. J ai besoin de modifier l’extension A4 Portail.
Merci d’avance


If you still want it, I can private message you the mext file @Pascaltoque @BEN3 @JLL