Download / import code from mBot to mBlock application



My son recently came home from his robotics camp with a mBot. At the camp, they used camp laptops/accounts to build “block code” and upload them to the mBot. Now that he is home (the camp has ended) he’d like to pick up where he left off and continue working on the existing block code on the mBot. Is there a way to download the current block code on the mBot to our home computer / mBlock application?

Today, when we connect up the mBot over USB to my Mac and open the mBlock application I can’t find a way to download / import the existing block code on the mBot.



@jpi Nope, the only way to get the current code would be to find it online or through the account he was using again. Once a code is compiled and uploaded to the mBot, there is no way to get it back. :confused: