Documentation for Makeblock Library?


I’m very new to Makeblock… my mBot isn’t even coming until tomorrow. However, I’m a very experienced C/C++ programmer, and that’s how I’m planning to program it. Sorting out the API, it seems that there are two principal parts to it:

  1. Standard Arduino APIs, such as pinMode, digitalWrite, and delay, and
  2. Specific Makeblock APIs, such as those for MeDCMotor.

But, here’s my question: I’ve found documentation for #1 at, but nothing for #2 other than the source files (e.g., MeDCMotor.h) and perhaps whatever Doxygen generates. Is there anything for the Makeblock APIs comparable to what’s available for the Arduino APIs? Does one learn about the Makeblock APIs by studying the source code and perhaps the examples?



Hi @roc856 I’m afraid there is no API documentation for these devices, they assume you will just figure it all out yourself.

I was a bit frustrated so ended up writing my own document (not for mBot, but for Ranger):

I based it on this document from Victor Leung, which IS for MBOT:, it may however be a little out of date now, I’m not sure.

There are some online resources, you just have to find them (and some contributors to this forum (e.g. @CommandeR have spent a lot of their time creating documentation, so hopefully they’ll be along soon to share them)

Good luck!


here’s another useful starting point:


@MurrayElliot: Thanks! Very helpful. mBot is easier because it has fewer sensors, and I think I mostly have it down now. Getting the C from the Mblock 5 examples is helpful, too.



agree, that’s how I created most of my document - interpreting the firmware modules and examples. It’s a shame that there’s so little documentation in the sourcecode, what little comments there are, are pretty terse, but you’ll get there quickly now you’re off the starting blocks.


Thank you @MurrayElliot!

I got my MBlock Mega a few days ago and trying to find documentation has been very difficult…
Except for what I could find in a Chinese server, but I couldn’t make an account to download anything as it requires a Chinese phone number…(… and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure I trust the website anyway.

Thanks again!


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