Dissapointing missing/non-supported subjects


I bought mblock w/ bluetooth kit for my 7 years old daughter. I mounted all parts as described in the guide and basic tests with its remote control is ok. I also tested blocks with its IDE via using USB cable however, bluetooth integration does not work in my PC (windows 10 64bit). My PC bluetooth version starts with 10.XX but mblock requests 6.XX according to the my investigation in the web. I also tried to decrease the bluetooth version but it didn’t work.

I used my another option with my different work PC which is provided by my company however, its operating system is ubuntu. When I try to discover bluetooth from ubuntu 18.04, pairing is successful. As far as I see that IDE WEB version is supported for Linux OS and when I try to connect device from any portal application (online web IDE) on Linux, I am able to connect via USB and there is no option to use bluetooth via Linux.

My disappointing missing functionalities:

1- mblock bluetooth module does not support newest version of bluetooth on windows 10

2- There is not native mblock IDE application for Linux based Operating systems, which can provide bluetooth connection option.


Very disappointing indeed and I encountered the exact same issues you mention. I don’t know if you are looking for another option to connect your mbot wirelessly to your pc but what I did was connection an Nodemcu esp8266 to set-up a Wi-Fi connection between my mBot and pc. I wrote a little Tutorial about it on my Github.

If you have any questions let me know.

Or if you find another solution I’m also interested!

One other solution that might work is getting the Makeblock bluetooth dongle for your pc. But over here in the Netherlands it’s not easily available and quite expensive (€30) for a function that was expected to work.


Hello Raknerak, sorry about the inconvenience, but actually the Bluetooth module on mBot is designed for mobile phones. Mobile phones always come with a standard Bluetooth version while Bluetooth protocols and standards vary across different computers. Only a small portion of computers have the matching version. To ensure users better experiences, we currently don’t support connecting Makeblock products via the computer’s self-contained Bluetooth.

If you want to use it wireless with your computer, you can check the Bluetooth dongle: https://www.makeblock.com/accessories/bluetooth-dongle


Hi Raknerak,

I can no longer find the POST on this subject but even if Makeblock advises deongle Bleutooth, there is on their website, the documentation for what you are trying to do. I used a little program and everything worked. Conclusion: You have to prepare the computer with the little program and probably have a special bluetooth as Makeblock specifies. However, try the little program and maybe it will work fine because on my side it works.


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