Display pictures on Me TFT LCD Screen – 2.4 Inch


Hi there,

I want to display pictures on the LCD screen, but I can’t find an overview of the build in pictures anywhere. So when I use the ‘Show picture’ block from the Me TFT extension I have to type in all the numbers to see what picture shows. Where can I find which numbers correspond to which pictures?

And is it possible to upload own pictures to the LCD screen through block programming or is this only possibly when you code with Arduino?

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Hi Madeline,

Great question, we are also after the same info. A simple list of the built-in pictures with their corresponding number. @tech_support

With relation to your second question, it is possible to draw and then display your own simple pictures / images via mBlock but we have not found a way to upload our own images.




Hi @wolkt/Andrew! Fingers crossed someone can enlighten us. The list of built-in pictures would be extremely helpful (and is actually necessary to use the block properly).

I will test the blocks under ‘Looks’ (I believe these are the ones you mean) so there’s at least one option to show something self made. But to have the option to upload photos using blocks only would be great too (I found ways to do that using Arduino somewhere, but not by using block). The quality of the LCD screen definitely invites to do more with it than drawing simple figures.

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Got the answer through a conversation with Makeblock on a different matter. Hope it helps you too @wolkt!


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